We at Raise Their Voice would like to express our heart-felt thanks to all those who helped to make the 2012 tour of She Has A Name a reality.  Along with our partners  at Burnt Thicket Theatre we want you to know it was a thrill for us to bring the acclaimed play across Canada.

If you saw the play and are looking for ways to engage the reality of human trafficking in Canada and beyond, visit the official tour website to learn more about some great organizations doing important work, and check out our list of resources here.

Raise Their Voice Against Injustice (RTV) is an official society in based in Red Deer, Alberta. It exists to creatively and effectively address issues of injustice. RTV gives its strength to tell stories that capture the imagination of the heart that affirm the value and dignity of the whole person. It has told stories on the page and for the stage, for television, documentary and feature film. RTV also creates spaces for people to engage their passions, learn, and raise their voice for the oppressed through speeches, workshops, performance and special events.

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